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Welcome to the Croatia Travel Guide, where you will find unbiased advice and personal suggestions for discovering the real, authentic Croatia. A country of unspoiled, still uncrowded beaches and islands, (right in the heart of Europe)...

I first traveled to Croatia over 7 years ago, and fell in love with this small, enchanting country of heart-stoppingly beautiful coastlines, stunning clear, azure waters, and glorious Mediterranean weather.

You can be sure that I won't hide anything here. You can read about the must-haves, must-dos, and must-nots. Those recommendations and reviews are based on my personal experiences and the experiences of my readers.

Although Croatia is known for it's breathtaking coastline and over 1000 islands, there is much more to this tiny jewel than just stunning beaches. The interiour houses many attractive destinations, including the charming, yet cosmopolitan city of Zagreb, and the prestine natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park which I would rank into Europe's best back-to-nature experiences.

The family of my girlfriend is from Croatia - and because of that I have been able to learn more about places which many travelers don't always discover.

I have visited so many great places in Croatia, but there are still so many hidden, memorable places and activities that don't always make it onto the big travel magazines and guide books.

You can be sure that Croatia really has a lot to offer to it's visitors. My advice? Check out the latest travel advice for your trip before you depart:

  • discover sightseeing tips for the best Croatian tourist attractions!
  • And more...

You can also check out possible hotels and receive tips on private accommodation (which is offered a lot along the coast).

Of course, I will also take you to some of the very best beaches at the Croatian coastline with crystal clear blue water. Here are a few to start with: Zlatni Rat beach (my favorite), Makarska beach, Hvar beach, Zrce beach and Brela beach.

In fact ...

Did you know that the ocean before the Croatian coastline has the clearest and cleanest water of the entire Adriatic?

That isn’t just noticeable when bathing or diving but also in restaurants: with excellent fish and fresh seafood of highest quality.

By the way ... having the opportunity to share Croatia and my travel experiences with so many people around the world is a great satisfaction!

After travelling around Croatia the first time, you might want to plan your trip for the holiday season next year ... and visit Croatia again? What about all the other sites you weren’t able to check out the last time? :-)

Visit Croatia And You Will Have Memories For A Lifetime!

  • You will discover the breath-taking natural beauty of this country located right in the heart of Europe.
  • Dive into the mediterranean climate, take your needed break, relax on the beaches, have fun in the sun and spend time with loved ones.

  • Discover a great culture with friendly people who always have an advice for you! There’s so much to explore!

  • Enjoy fantastic Croatian food with your honeymoon in a restaurant right next to the Adriatic while looking towards the sunset. And don’t forget to taste some Croatian wine. I bet you’ll love it!
Delicious Croatian cuisine

The Insider's Guide to Dubrovnik

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  • If you’re looking for adventure then you have the following choices: diving in the Adriatic (explore the fantastic reef and wrecks from old ships and airplanes), biking trips, hiking, rafting, climbing or whatever! - you’ll really find it all in Croatia …

  • For history fans there are numerous museums, monuments and cathedrals. Not to mention all these nice alleyways which create an atmosphere of the 12th century.

  • And don’t forget, compared to other European countries, Croatia is still relatively inexpensive!

Where To Start?

Been to Croatia?

If you've already been to Croatia, readers and I would love to hear about it!

What are your TOP Croatia travel tips? Have you made some great photos? Tell us anything about Croatia that you would love to share.

You can easily share your travel stories, experiences and photos here.

Still on "planning stage" and seeking travel advice?

I would recommend to start at this page: Why travel to Croatia. It should give you a first impression of what this country has to offer.

Then I would advise you to have a look at my photo stories which show you around Croatia's best places.

Simply choose any photo story from here.

Final Advice To Use The Croatia Travel Guide

One more advice before browsing around this guide. There's a lot more to discover than you will be able to see on one vacation. Before you plan your travel to Croatia in detail, you should take some time and investigate your possibilities. When you set out for your journey you will be well prepared.

With the Croatia Travel Guide I want to show you why I love this country, and of course, to help you with the prearrangement for your own trip.

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