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Zlarin island offers you a scenic coastline - perfect to forget your hard working days...

Zlarin is an island situated along the coast of the Dalmatian region of Croatia. It is under the county of Sibenik-Knin.

It has an area of just a bit more than eight square kilometers and is accessible by a ferry service that makes several daily trips from Sibenik and Vocdice.

Zlarin is sometimes referred to as the golden island, the green island, or the coral island.

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Satellite view onto the island.
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The island is a popular summer destination by both local and foreign visitors, with its unspoiled natural attractions. It is during this season that the population of the island becomes more than four times its number compared during the winter time.

Zlarin can only be explored by foot or by riding bicycles as vehicles are prohibited in the island. There are a lot of sights offered within Zlarin, from its forested areas to its scenic coastline.

It is the ideal destination for those who wish to go back to nature during their vacations, as they can spend their holidays walking along nature trails, spotting animals and birds that call the island home.

Town on Zlarin island

Typical town on Zlarin island.

Zlarin island is also famous for its red corals. The island still upholds its tradition of sending off sailors into the sea in search for these corals. Native songs are sung and the inhabitants of the islands dress in traditional costumes during this ceremony that visitors can witness if they are lucky enough to stay for the night.

A coral hunting and processing workshop is also available to anyone interested in learning about what was once a major industry in the island. Most of these corals are made into beautiful jewelry that visitors can purchase as souvenirs. Additional information about these corals can be learned at a local museum.

Zlarin island also plays host to several annual boat regattas that visitors and locals participate in. The Zlarinska regata krstasa is held every April and draws a great number of crowds.

This event is repeated with the New Year Zlarinska regata krstasa, which starts on the last day of the year and culminates with the first day of the following year. The third boat regatta is the Latinskin idrun na kureja, held every July.

This is participated by handmade wooden boats that are traditionally used by the island's inhabitants and are typically hard to navigate. This regatta is also one way to uphold the long relationship of the inhabitants with the sea, commemorating the time when these boats were used by their forefathers to bring in a good catch every day.

One of Zlarin's most prominent religious landmarks is the Church of Our Lady of Raselj, a former Gothic structure built during the 15th century and restored in Baroque style during the 17th century. The church also houses the relics of St. Fortunate.

The small yet interesting St. Roch's Chapel and the St. Simon's Chapel also provide highlights to any day trips to the island. Both chapels were built in the 17th century, though the former is slowly going to ruins and the latter has been converted into the local museum.

There are also several Baroque mansions located all over the island, most of them built during the 17th to the 18th centuries.

The island is also replete with beautiful beaches, some of them secluded enough to provide enough privacy.

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